Cristian Sebastián
Industrial Design by Cristian Sebastián

Industrial Design

Product Manufacturing and Prototyping


Shoe organizer (2018)


Perfume Beauty Stand (2018)

Perfume Beauty Stand (2018)

Fashion Accessories. Loogage (2018)

Fashion Accessories. Loogage (2018)

Gym Furniture [Grad Thesis], 2018



3D aesthetics and functionality research.

Small scaled welded model (1:5), prior the final welded prototype, for understanding the relationship between parts and components for my thesis prototype (2018).

Real scale components prior getting sand-blasted and coated.

Thesis Project
2nd layout_thesisshow.jpg

Samples of 3D product renderings for home-decor, furniture, video animation, assembly components, and transportation.

top view FoldableChair.jpg

Nomadic Furniture

Collapsible furniture project, 2017


Fruits Container & Lunch Box

vacuum formed


Transportation Design

Inspired in the Brazilian Macaw Bird (2017)

Info Sheet.jpg

Physical Therapy: Food Roller & Hamstring Stretcher

 Projects Layout

Production design using some manufacturing methods such as vacuum forming, metal extrusion, laser cut, 3d printing, and injection molding .

Production & Manufacturing Processes